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Eels? Sounds like a personal problem there cbs
Mon aerocraft est plein des anguilles
Anyone else having probs with nametags?
noones said anything in here for a while so i thought why not say something ... something.
A is admin and O is online
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Unfortunately,  The HungerGames server has not been as successful as everyone at SHG had hoped. For this reason, we have disabled the server. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Additionally, We have implemented a new donation section on the right hand side of the website for people to help support the server. It is important to note that by donating through this section, you will not receive anything in return. In order to buy Safehaven Gaming Merchandise, please visit the Shop.

Thanks for your support!


1.8 is almost here!

Outlawgirl posted Aug 18, 14
Safe Haven:  Dinnerbone tweeted that 1.8 is in the final stages of bug fixing and it may be out soon. This is a friendly reminder that Safe Haven will not be able to update until Bukkit & Spigot are ready.  You will need to revert back to 1.7.10 in order to play on our server.  We will update as soon as we are able and it's safe.  

Until then - discuss what you are looking forward to in 1.8.  And what are some things you're not looking forward to?
christianbs Wolf has a red name?
arkonnen @ Safehaven
the only problem with that is that the enemies have long-range attacks, making it infeasible to get into melee range
wolfbane1021 Well the water thing makes sence logically. Yeah we cant shoot underwater as if we were on land but thats something that ...

Exciting New Things!

Outlawgirl posted Aug 13, 14
 You no longer have to be Veteran to get a set of shiny portals! Just be a builder or higher, and pay $1000 to link any two locations in any of the main build worlds. You can now link your classic builds to your 2.0 builds quickly and easily. Contact an admin for more details!

p.s. Statues mod has been installed, see /help for more details.

UPDATE:  The statues mod is currently not working.  Bmc is trying to fix it or find a replacement.  Thanks for your patience on this!
I__am__D but can i make a portal to the portal to the bathroom??
Shamoonius whoohoo!! now I don't have to walk all the way to the bathroom, I can just make a portal to it. Huzzah!!

SHG Tokens

bmckalip a posted May 29, 14

Hello Safehaviens! For the new month we are rolling out a new set of rewards for your continued support of the server! These rewards come in the form of SHG tokens.

But what are they?

SHG tokens are points you can use for many different things across the server including buying ranks, sending them to your friends, and more!

So, How do I get SHG Tokens?

You can get SHG tokens many different ways.

Joining the website - you get 50 tokens for just signing up, adding your character, and signing the TOS! This is a surefire way to jump right into the action at the SHG network.

Forum activity - For every ten posts/threads you make in the forums, you will receive an additional 50 SHG tokens! Not able to afford that rank? It couldn't be easier to get it,  just be active in the forums, and you'll have it in no time!

In addition to the usual voting rewards, every site you vote on will award 10 SHG tokens! This is a great way to rack up tokens fast!

Event Rewards
- SHG tokens will be given out as rewards for events that the SHG network holds. be on the lookout and do your best. You might just find yourself with thousands of points!

Happy birthday from Safehaven Gaming! recieve 100 points when your birthday rolls around. We have this reward to show our continued appreciation of your ongoing loyalty to the server.

Direct Purchase
- Can't wait to get your hands on some SHG tokens? Head on over to the store, where you can buy them directly. This is great for gifting to your friends if they can't afford their favorite rank, or don't have an form of electronic money.

More methods are to come, keep an eye out for updates to the SHG token system. Got an idea to make SHG tokens better? Submit a suggestion and you might just see it go LIVE.


I__am__D lol ive only gotten 20 tokens for the week for voting. Im not sure but I think I should have gotten a couple more than ...
Outlawgirl There is an issue with the Minecraft Server List website where it will not give you 10 tokens. It will give you in game ...
bmckalip a we'll be looking into implementing new ways to use tokens. Thanks for your suggestions!
Dinnerbone has tweeted that they are not rushing this update and it is still 2 months away.  You can follow dinnerbone on twitter @dinnerbone and don't forget to follow us @safehavengaming  We do our best to pass on news and information from Mojang.  

Outlawgirl Just call me Barbara Walters.
christianbs Thanks for the breaking news story.
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