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Yo! why did the server close on me??
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2 months today, blah ;-(
Just want to wish Bmck and Drumming good luck on fixing the chest problem.
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Temp Vanilla Server

Outlawgirl posted Jan 17, 16

Hello Safe Haven!  Drum has opened a temporary vanilla server for us to play on as we wait for Mojang and 1.9.  Anything done on this vanilla server will not be saved for download.  EDIT: If you are not on the whitelist and feel you should be, please send me a message. 

The ip to get there is:  

We will also have a new teamspeak address, effective Jan 20th.  The address is 5545

If you have any questions please message drumming102, Outlawgirl and/or Shamoonius.

All good things....

Drumming102 a posted Jan 12, 16


Well.... this has been a long time coming. It's very hard to say too.

Safehaven as we currently know it is shutting down (It hurt to type that). It's just not financially viable for me to put out $100+ a month for the server box and a move to a lower end box is not possible for the size of server/maps we have.

So, Outlaw and Sham have agreed that they would like to run a server under the Safehaven Gaming umbrella so I will be pointing the URL at that server. This will be a 100% whitelist server. Not everyone will be invited. More info on contacts for that will follow.

We will be downloading the maps from Safehaven this evening and I will be hosting them up to share. Safehaven will always be available to download to you as long as I can help it.

I will still be paying for the Enjin site as well as the URL's. I am debating on keeping a Teamspeak around as our current one will shut down with our box on Jan 20th.

This sucks. This really really sucks. My right hand was shaking as I type this.

I will still be around on Skype (drumming102) as well as the site here, as well as on steam (Drumming102) and you can always contact me via email at anytime ( This community is a huge part of my life and has been since day 1. The minecraft server might be sutting down but the community will always be here. If you find a new home let me know and I'll come check it out. It will be fun to be a tourist again :-) .


tenjo even though recently i kinda fell out of minecraft, it sucks to hear this, a load of fun memories from this server.
initoo =[ sad times! I kept floating back on but just seemed to get quieter and quieter. shall keep an eye out for the new hom...
helvetica Thanks for keeping the server going for so long. Lots of great memories happened here and I'm sure more will contin...

Hello Safe Haven!

It's time once again to have our favorite build event - pumpkin carving!  You can reach the pumpkin carving build event world thru the build event portal at spawn.  Claim one pumpkin and design it however you like.  At the end of the month, pumpkins will be judged for creativity and prizes will be awarded to the top 3 pumpkins.

Have fun and Happy Halloween from the staff of Safe Haven! 

wrong What's the current status on the chest issue?
Drumming102 a My Favorite time of the year

Chest issues

bmckalip a posted Mar 30, 15

Due to a failed update of our chest protection plugin, noone will be able to access their chests until we can resolve this issue. We have reached out to the plugin;s developer for help on this front. Your chests are still protected and will hoipefully be fixed shortly. thank you for your patience.

K_O_G_I Hey, 2 months later... are there any updates, yet? I can only imagine you guys are hemorrhaging users fast...
wolfbane1021 Yo, since yall aint doin jack about this issue, i vote me as the next op master. Current staff (besides outlaw ofc) is p...
Crispy420 Any new updates on resolving the chest issue?

Hey everyone, we want to thank everyone for participating in the new spawn build event that's been happening for the last few months. We're going to be ending all entries this monday, anbd will be making the final decisions the following week. put your finishing touches on them! Thanks again,


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