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Eels? Sounds like a personal problem there cbs
Mon aerocraft est plein des anguilles
Anyone else having probs with nametags?
noones said anything in here for a while so i thought why not say something ... something.
A is admin and O is online
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Vanilla 1.8 server!

bmckalip a posted Sep 8, 14
Safehaven Gaming is excited to announce the release of the new 1.8 vanilla server! Since the update to 1.8 on Safehaven's other servers require extra software that must update first, it will take some time to update to 1.8 there. However, in the meantime, please enjoy a completely vanilla version of 1.8 minecraft at! In order to access this server, you muct be a (whitelisted) builder or higher on SHG's main survival server. please remember to read all rules at spawn. This server is a temporary server, however, will most likely last for many months as the update of our regular servers is expected to take much longer than normal. See you there!

SHG Staff
SpazTickMind Do you think we can get it before 1.8.1??
Come join us for a night of fun playing capture the record at 8PM est! don't worry if you can't show up until later, we'll be playing multiple rounds. Who will win? Red or blue side? come find out!
Shamoonius I wanted to thank everybody that made it to the games. We had few people for this first night of games but a lot of fun ...

1.8 Compatability

bmckalip a posted Sep 2, 14
Hey gang,
We have updated ALL servers to include compatibility for 1.8. What this means is you can upgrade your client to 1.8 and play on our servers but the server it's self is 1.7.10 still. No 1.8 items or feature exist yet.

We will be updating to full 1.8 as soon as bukkit and our MAJOR plugins update as well.

No server out there is on 1.8 yet, Some are using the same compatibility trick we are using but no server out there has 1.8 running unless they are a FULL 100% vanilla server (most are not).

Speaking of.... I will be setting up a 100% vanilla server for us to play on and have fun with later this evening. The address for it will be posted on the Safehaven Survival server once it is launched.

Take care and Have fun guys,

SHG staff
Unfortunately,  The HungerGames server has not been as successful as everyone at SHG had hoped. For this reason, we have disabled the server. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Additionally, We have implemented a new donation section on the right hand side of the website for people to help support the server. It is important to note that by donating through this section, you will not receive anything in return. In order to buy Safehaven Gaming Merchandise, please visit the Shop.

Thanks for your support!


1.8 is almost here!

Outlawgirl posted Aug 18, 14
Safe Haven:  Dinnerbone tweeted that 1.8 is in the final stages of bug fixing and it may be out soon. This is a friendly reminder that Safe Haven will not be able to update until Bukkit & Spigot are ready.  You will need to revert back to 1.7.10 in order to play on our server.  We will update as soon as we are able and it's safe.  

Until then - discuss what you are looking forward to in 1.8.  And what are some things you're not looking forward to?
christianbs Wolf has a red name?
Arkonnen the only problem with that is that the enemies have long-range attacks, making it infeasible to get into melee range
wolfbane1021 Well the water thing makes sence logically. Yeah we cant shoot underwater as if we were on land but thats something that ...
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