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Safehaven Quarterly Update

Automated Rank Purchases:

We have automated the way you purchase donator ranks. Whether you're a first time donor or a repeat donor, the process has just gotten easier. If you're a first time donator ready to take your experience with the SHG Network to the next level, simply log into our website, and click on the shop tab and follow the subsequent links, or do /buy in game and follow the link. If you're a long time donator, you'll need to contact Drumming102 or Bmckalip to get on board with the new system. What's great about the new way donations are handled is that it's completely automated! This willl ensure quick delivery of your package as well as options for recurring purchases and added consistency. We look forward to your continued support of The Safehaven Gaming Network!

We have switched our voice chat program from Ventrilo to Teamspeak. Teamspeak is well known in the gaming world and we feel it will be a better
fit at Safe Haven Gaming. It's free to download and you can do that at Our connection ip is:, and there's no port or pasword to join! Join us there for a great time!

New Server: Safe Haven Gaming Survival Games

Welcome to SHG Survival Games! Choose an arena and fight to be the last person standing. Have you ever wanted to be Katniss or Peeta in the
Hunger Games? Well now is your chance to see how well you'd do against the elements and other players. Chests are placed around the map to help
you out, but be careful, another player could be there ready to kill you! More arenas will be added soon! You can view how you stack up against other players at or by clicking the link on our homepage. May the odds be ever in your favor!

New Server: Safe Haven Gaming PvP

Welcome to SHG PvP! Create a faction with friends and then PvP and grief your enemies. Create a secret base or a giant castle and defend it to the death, or go out hunting for others bases! Either way remember to vote to gain up to two diamonds and $40 per day that you can spend at the server shop at spawn, or in an auction put on by donator! We offer many donator ranks to give you an edge over the other player, a protected spawn with a server shop, and a great world to play in. I'll see you on the field of battle!

Arenas OverHaul
The events world has seen a recent overhaul, with the addition of the events hub which houses portals to your favorite events similar to the "Hub” which controls the player’s server. With this change, we hope to bring organization to the formally chaotic and ugly events world. It is our hope that players will be more inclined to utilize the events world as it will be far easier to navigate. Staff also has plans to add new events and fix old ones that have been long broken. We’d love to hear your feedback on this change as we feel it’s a change that’s been needed for a long time now.
Safehaven Gaming network now streams minecraft and other games on! come join use when we’re live to follow along in the action. Clicking the follow button is the best way to know when we’re live! Safehaven Gaming network now streams minecraft and other games on! We hope that this will bring a higher level of involvement between you, the player, and us. Also, this will hopefully attract new players to our server who may end up being great members of the community!

Patch Notes

  1. Force regenning the end now costs $2000. Talk to an admin to do this.
  2. Moderators can now regen the Pit. This should help ensure a steady flow of resources to the main world.
  3. The donator and server shops have been opened! Check them out for special deals.
  4. The Dynmap has been removed for technical reasons. There is a chance it may return in the future.
  5. Builders+ can use the /whereami command to determine their current world.
  6. Fixed /vote
  7. Updated misc permisions.
  8. 2.0 shops cost $500 a piece
  9. Finally removed fireworks launchers at spawn
  10. Ban Appeals are now handled outside of the forums. You can view appeals by checking your notifications in the bottom right hand corner of your screen.

Future Plans
Keep an eye out for future developments to the SHG network. They'll be announced when they're launched and rehashed here in the Safehaven quarterly Update!

Sincerely, SHG staff.


join today and help test the server! there's no whitelist, so just follow the portal to the hub! and try it out!

more maps will be added as the server grows!


Server Work

bmckalip a posted Mar 22, 14
The server will be periodically restarting today for maintenance and upgrades. Sorry for any inconvenience.



bmckalip a posted Jul 4, 13
GREAT NEWS! The survival main world map has been EXPANDED! enjoy the new large map of 16,000 BLOCKS SQUARE! Explore the new expansion! the terrain will be invisible on dynmap until explored, so enjoy the adventure. HAVE FUN!

Remember to follow us on twitter for a chace to win FREE STEAM GAMES!

Survival Ranks are now done in game.

Contact drum if your a current donator to donate.

If your a new donator just do /buy in game and follow the links.
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